Future Law, Sabbath & Festivals?

Patmos view of island north from acropolis panorama tb061606331 1000
he Island of Patmos where John wrote the book of revelation.

Yes-but!  Don’t Ezekiel, Zephaniah and Revelation indicate that the Law will be in existence in the future?

Short Answer:  The prophets described an ideal time in which all people worship God. To effectively convey this to old covenant people, the prophets described old covenant forms of worship, including new moon observances, sacrifices in the temple  and physical circumcision . But neither physical circumcision nor animal sacrifices are religious requirements for Christians.  It is clear that these prophecies cannot be used to prove the validity of all these forms of worship for people under the new covenant, who have accepted and believe in Jesus Christ. Prophecies should be read for their purpose, not as a source from which we can infer standards and requirements for Christians. Our doctrines must be based on scriptures that are applicable to this age, the age of the new covenant.

The Feasts, Jesus, and the New Covenant Community

Zech 14 feasts and sacrifices ahead?


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