Yes – but!

yesbut   This is the section which houses the main subject matter of the site; where typical ‘legalist’ objections to ‘New Covenant Grace’ are examined.

The main headings are found below the ‘Yes – but!’ area on the right.  Or they can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the corresponding ‘button’ above.

Short, succinct answers to the objections will be given here, together with attached ‘posts’ but this site is not intended as a receptacle for lengthy articles;   so for those who require in-depth analysis,  further links are given to other articles.

We welcome questions, comments and suggestions from a standpoint of genuine enquiry, but not from those simply wishing to argue from an entrenched alternative position. Although it is to be hoped that they might find something of interest here, this site exists primarily to help those who have already embarked on the ‘gracious’  journey  towards ‘Freedom in Christ’.



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