Useful Book

product_thumbnail        ‘What’s in a Name?’  is a radical basic primer in Grace.  It can even be read by an agnostic or an atheist,  since it requires no prior knowledge of Christianity or of  the Bible.  Committed Christians will also almost certainly find something of interest or surprise.

The sub-text on the cover asks:
‘What’s your view of Christianity’
Where did you get it?
Does it equate more nearly to:
‘Suffocating Slavery’ or ‘Fabulous Freedom’?
This book could change your view for ever!

‘This relatively short book takes the reader swiftly but unerringly to the origins of the heart of the movement which became known as Christianity.  It shows how the understanding of the universe, revealed by the originator, has been twisted and distorted by churches and media alike, until the popular view bears little if any resemblance to the original’. See this link for reviews.  Also available from  Or  Revised version



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