A  searchable on-line Bible in over 100 versions:

Hundreds of Bible questions answered on loads of subjects [not necessarily in line with the understanding on this site!]

 Scholarly articles about Grace from a group of mainly Calvinist Baptists:

Many Grace’ orientated articles, most from a ‘Trinitarian’ perspective.

Facebook Sites:
New Covenant Grace – Posting of useful articles and discussion of Grace [Calvinistic Baptist origin] 

Trinitarian Theology Forum

[What is Trinitarianism?:  A brief introduction to ‘Trinitarian’ Theology  – Note: this theological understanding, championed by Karl Barth and Thomas Torrance, is much more than an acceptance of the ‘triune’ God. – See also Video below]


An explanation of how Trinitarianism compares with Calvinism and Arminianism


Many available as Kindle – some in free electronic form pdf etc.

The links are to although of course they are mostly available from many other sources.

Law or Grace:

   Steve McVey  ‘Beyond an Angry God’

Outrageous Love:

   Brennan Manning:  ‘Ragamuffin Gospel’

   Gregory Boyd: ‘Repenting of religion – turning from Judgement of the Love of God’


Tom Weaver: ‘The Gospel Solution’




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